Track and Field

Track and Field is for you if you like the thrill of a reaching the next milestone, the excitement of a race, and the challenge of improving your physical strength & fitness! 


Are you an adult or youth (age 5 and up) with a physical disability? Then come out and try track and field! 

Wheelchair events are for anyone who can use a manual chair and has a spinal cord injury, spina bifida, is an amputee, or has cerebral palsy or similar disabilities.

Ambulatory events are for anyone who has a physical disability and can walk unassisted. This includes: athletes who are amputees, have visual impairments or blindness, have cerebral palsy, dwarfism, and limb length discrepancies or similar disabilities.


This is a new program beginning in April 2016 with a goal to encourage hard work and fitness while inspiring the athletes to reach their individual goals in a fun and friendly environment.  With CIF adopting track and field in the high schools this year, we are dedicatd to helping any interested athlete find equipment to participate on their team.

We are planning to offer a variety of distances for Ambulatory and Wheelchair Track and the following field events: shot put, discus, javelin and club; jumps – long jump, high jump.



Our Track and Field program is taking a brief hiatus so we can focus on preparations for the annual Sports Camp.  Please watch here for information about when we start up again.

In the meantime, Adaptive Sports and Rec is currently working hard to locate, purchase, and provide equipment such as race chairs, throwing chairs, and throwing implements. We will do our best to find a guide for any runner with a visual impairment. 


Look for our Program To Restart Later this Summer!



We are actively looking for...

  • track and field coaches
  • volunteers to help with events
  • racing wheelchairs, throwing chairs, throwing platforms, and throwing implements

To help or to get more information, contact us at