Emma Mondragon

Posted: March 15, 2016

Watch out World, Here I Come! Unforgettable is the word that best describes Emma Mondragon. At only 7 she has had a full life, leaving a wondrous trail of change and happiness everywhere she rolls. 


Emma is a natural athlete. She began sports at age 4 and has played wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and kayaking. She loves adaptive snow skiing and sled hockey. She shreds it at the skate park, and loves speeding down the ramps, racing, and hand cycling. Her favorite thus far is dance. Since we have lived in California, she has experienced a ton of new sports, found new passions and talents, and met so many new friends in wheels. We love Adaptive Sports and Recreation, the Junior Adaptive Sports Camp is amazing and it has exposed Emma to new sports and friends. Emma experienced the fun and the physical benefits of sports and fitness first hand during this camp. It encouraged Emma to participate in ASRA's Wheelchair Basketball and Rugby program and gave her confidence after a tough move.  Let's not forget to mention how important the health benefits of Adaptive Sport programs are both physically and mentally, and this makes Mom and Dad happy!

Emma has had a spectacular year, she was crowned Little Miss Wheelchair CA 2015, started daring the skate park, learned curb jumps, the "duck walk", ditched her anti-tipper, enjoyed family beach days and took a raft ride out into the ocean (for the first time), and so much more. She is looking forward to her next Junior Adaptive Sports Camp this summer, and her next wheelchair trick.

Image: Emma Mondragon

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